Have you Hugged a Single Mom Today?

Soooo…. it started out a little rocky this morning at Kylee’s dance competition; after picking up the remainder of her 12 dance costumes, and rhinestoning for hours the 2 nights before, we didn’t realize there were some buttons and rhinestones that needed to be attached to her Jazz costume UNTILL 15 MINUTES BEFORE I was supposed to have my daughter on stage 😮 (Like these weekends aren’t STRESSFUL ENOUGH😬😬😬, having to leave the house at 5 am, only to return at 11 pm)

Thank God for my “sister dance mommas” that jumped in to help glue, stitch, pin, etc to get my baby stage ready🤗🤯 🔥‼️

One thing that is a MUST, especially being a single mom, is organization and preparedness 🙌🏻👍. I depend on my kids to HELP with all of that as well . 👍It’s not easy to keep all the plates spinning – running 3 businesses, working full-time x2, running a large house-hold (including 3 pets), being the sole provider, doing all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, schedule keeping, and MORE….honestly, I barely have time to take a shower, let alone “take care of me” some days‼️. NOPE- not easy- not AT ALL! 😶😶😶😲😢BUT IT IS WORTH IT‼️.

Please, go offer an encouraging word and give a hug to a single working mom today —tell her she is doing a GREAT JOB! I guarantee she doesn’t hear it enough.

(She is doing the best she possibly can❤️💃)

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