Fit4RAW Dance can be used for self-EXPRESSion & Therapy : You Should & CAN Dance!

Our family has found exercise, dance and movement to be a wonderful, fun and effective type of therapy! One certainly doesn’t have to “look” a certain way or be considered a “good” dancer to dance. All you have to do is play your favorite jam and get up and MOVE! ❤️

Here is a clip from the FLUID FLUID DANCE CONVENTION my daughter danced in this weekend in Minneapolis. It is conducted like an audition to give the dancers a taste of what it is like to possibly work as a professional dancer. Kylee is only 13 years old and has enjoyed this dance weekend dance workshop for a few years; she actually “won” the mock audition last year.

Enjoy this lyrical piece (Kylee is one of the 3 on stage), choreographed and taught by Kristin Sudeikis, a renown choreographer from NYC.


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