Do You Ever Feel Like Quitting?

I can’t even tell you how many times I have been tempted to QUIT, THROW IN THE TOWEL, STOP DREAMING, STOP MY JOURNEY OF HEALING… and just GIVE UP on ❤️, my businesses, etc.

Yes, even strong minded, driven people get hit with those thoughts. It is important to QUICKLY shift gears by reminding ourselves of God’s promises and what HE has in store for us! 🙏Google “God’s promises”; print them out, read them daily .

❤️💪Declare ALL of them for your life! You will start to see a shift in your thinking, your mindset, and how you act and LIVE. It is the DAILY disciplines that add up to a life FULL of HOPE, fueled through the truth of HIS promises! SOLUTIONS WILL APPEAR with the correct mindset.

Make it a beautiful day as you open up your mind and heart to God’s solutions!

💖💪 Nanc

P.S. Thank you to my friends, Paul, Heidi and Trixie for inspiring this post! #besties #fit4RAW #GODisalwaysontime


13 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Like Quitting?

  1. Amen!! So important to both read those promises daily, and actually say them out loud! Hearing your own voice speak Gods truth helps it sink it as a truth if your own. Good word my friend!! 💖😊

  2. Good words for many people who might be thinking about it. I myself don’t remember ever feeling like that. Maybe because no matter what I’m dealing with, I can always find things to be grateful for and I count blessings instead of roadblocks. That’s how my parents raised us. It works! Keep on preaching good stuff, Lady! 🤗🤗😍😍👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Wow! Again I am reminded of what an amazing woman you are! to share deeply and to inspire daily is a gift. Thank you for giving.

  4. In all areas of life, trusting your hashtag #Godisalwaysontime sums it up. It’s the only way to ride life’s journey is to trust in His time, His will not our own! Great post Nanc!

  5. Amen . Way to keep at , cheering the team on , Nancy!
    One of the foundational promises to learn to embrace is that of God’s presence . His joy and willngness to be fully present with us in spite of ourselves transcends our feelings and circumstances.

    Over time, practicing this “Isight”brings a change in perspective where it becomes easier to hold onto Jesus, who is faithful to complete what He began in us.

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